Engine Piston Ring 5L8855

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Engine Piston Rings 5L8855

It adopts Gaoze technology and moulding machine. Rapid detection of chemical composition by spectrophotometer, omnipotent pressure furnace, ring outer diameter and inner diameter copier, keystone grinder, lathe and milling machine combination, automatic phosphating production line, chromium plating and ceramic production line, molybdenum coating.
Shot blasting machine and automatic cleaning line. The steel ring treated by nitriding has high elasticity and long service life. Castings: single casting and double casting; Machining: 9 production lines. Product technology: alloy cast iron, ductile iron rings, trapezoidal rings, tapered rings, drum rings, chromium plated rings, sprayed molybdenum rings. Capacity: 40 m/year

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Specializing in internal combustion engine parts, Shijiazhuang Kincon Power Technology CO.,Ltd(formerly known as Shijiazhuang Internal Combustion Engine Parts General Factory) is a national large-scaled enterprise and a Class I Metrology Certificate enterprise. Our brands have been entitled as a famous brand in Hebei Province and China. We belong to the Top 500 Machinery Enterprises of China.

Our main products are Jingang SNP Brand, such as pistons, piston rings, cylinder liners, piston pins, valves, bearings and bushings, altogether 100 varieties, which are the important parts for internal combustion engines of automobiles, agricultural machinery, engineering machinery and shipbuilding. Our products meet the national quality standard, and have passed the inspection of National Quality Inspection Bureau. Our company mainly provides OEM parts for more than 50 companies, such as FAW, Dongfeng (Automobile Company), CNHTC (China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Co., Ltd.), Beijing Automobile Company, Yuejin (Automobile Company), Yitou (China Yitou Group Cooperation), Yuchai Machinery and Shanghai Diesel Engine Co. Ltd., as well as for aftermarket in many provinces, cities and autonomous regions in China. Some products are sold to both OEM and aftermarket in the US, Canada, Great Britain and other 20 countries and regions. For many years, our company has been the only one in China to produce and supply in packaging with engine friction parts - pistons, piston rings, cylinder liners and piston pins of the most variety and largest scale. We have passed the authentication of ISO/TS16949: 2002 in September, 2003, ISO90001:2000, and IQNET by many countries. Our company is the first company in our country with so many authentications in the field of automobile industry.

If your products are in large quantity demand we can arrange the production lines for you.We can do the surveying or mapping then custom and processing your products by according to the specific samples and drawings which you provided to us

Our is "Let more customers get benefits from Jingang Products". Our quality policy is "Improving, innovating and creating high quality Jingang products".

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